The “Dubki” park owes its appearance to the Emperor Peter the Great who, on September 20, 1714, returning after the Gangut battle victory through the Gulf of Finland, stopped for a rest in an oak grove on the Sestra river. Some of the oaks growing under natural conditions reached the age of 200-300 years. In 1717, with the participation of Peter the Great, several thousand young oaks were planted in the grove for the development of the construction of the naval fleet. According to the decree of the tsar, the architect Steven van Zwieten created a project, and the captain I. S. Almazov built a palace, a protective dam, laid gardens with fruit trees.

Currently, the “Dubki” park is the center of cultural and sports life in the city of Sestroretsk. A new equestrian sports center with a racetrack was built in 2002 and hosts show jumping and dressage competitions. 

The development of sports, both for children and adults, is a priority for the park. The park has all the necessary infrastructure to organize the training process and competitions of the highest level, including a football field with an artificial turf of top quality.


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